Sunday, April 27, 2008

And when we find what we're looking for...

we'll drop these bags and search no more
'Cause it's gonna feel like heaven when we're home.

I dont really have much to say today, I just felt like posting. I'm in a very good mood, though very tired! Friday night I spent with old friends and Saturday night with new friends. It turns out, I can have both. =] AND, today I am spending by myself. All together, I think it has been a most enjoyable week end.

Monday, April 21, 2008

"& I thank the lord for the people I have found"

I have something very important to post, but it isn't finished. So I will explain now and in several days or weeks or whatever, when it is finished, I will post it...just for you ;]

So, if you read my earlier blogs from this year you will begin to pick up on a theme. This theme is about abandonment, I suppose. Though now that word seems very harsh. Well, long story short-- my two closest friends found..distractions. I was heart broken and couldnt cope at all! Essentially, I thought it was the end of the world. Well, my friends havent exactly come back to me. But they're trying and I appreciate that. I also appreciate new friends. Sometimes I think people unintentionally fix things. Sometimes people unintentionally fix people. I'm fortunate to be one of those fixed people.

Thats it for now...I'll write more later

{Later} Tonight, I went for a drive with Emily. We ventured down lost road(best name for a street ever) and I realized I'm not all that lost, though I may be running on empty =] "Running on empty, running blind. Running into the sun, but I'm running behind." --Jackson Browne put it more perfectly than I ever could. "I dont know where I'm running, I'm just running on." It's very true. And its very okay, because I'm okay. I'm not great, but I'm not bad either. I'm just okay. And what I've learned is that sometimes, its okay to just be okay.