Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey, are you a dreamer?

Man on the Train
: Hey, are you a dreamer?
Wiley: Yeah.
Man on the Train: I haven't seen too many around lately. Things have been tough lately for dreamers. They say dreaming is dead, no one does it anymore. It's not dead it's just that it's been forgotten, removed from our language. Nobody teaches it so nobody knows it exists. The dreamer is banished to obscurity. Well, I'm trying to change all that, and I hope you are too. By dreaming, every day. Dreaming with our hands and dreaming with our minds. Our planet is facing the greatest problems it's ever faced, ever. So whatever you do, don't be bored, this is absolutely the most exciting time we could have possibly hoped to be alive. And things are just starting...

So "philosophy group" watched a movie tonight. Waking Life, is the name of this movie. Now the animation is very very strange (it has a name, but I dont works like an Exquisite Corpse, for you artists and writers.) but its about this guy. Who falls into a dream and meets over 50 people who just rant at him. Feeding him philosophy that will last anywhere from 2 seconds to 20 minutes. Its a beautiful movie that really makes you question and appreciate.

Some questions the movie prompted for me:
-What are words? Why do we use them?
-"Man wants chaos" What is the nature of evil? Could we actually live without it?
- What should we "believe" in as far as reality?
-How do you determine who you are?
-Do actions always speak louder than words?

"Life understood is life lived."
-Waking Life-

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Non-toxic, ordinary day


my mommy and I have been getting along.

I've begun a new phase: The circus.

I bought some amazing gum: Mint Mojito

Philosophy group meets here(my house) tomorrow for a movie-watching discussion

Yeah, thats it. "Not much to say on this non-toxic, ordinary day"

Monday, April 9, 2007

Just bitching...

I hate bitching, I truly do. But I'm entitled to do it once in awhile, n'est-ce pas?
(Not to mention, I really only bitch about 1 thing. Not boys, not school, just the fact that I love my mom to death and I feel like there is no trace of the close relationship we once had. So deal.)

My mom is constantly yelling at me for never doing anything. Except, every time I find something to do, she doesn't let me commit to it. I'm in a club, but I'm not allowed to do any of the extra things. (Which would take up more of my "wasted" time, correct?) So she says she doesn't want me doing "nothing" all summer, but I'm going on vacation TO NEW ZEALAND with my friend Alicia and her dad. Except she can't make up her fucking mind about how long I can go. Can I go for the whole month like I'm supposed to? Or am I going for 2 weeks like you want? Or am I not going at all? At this point (I've been fighting this for months) I don't even fucking care what the answer is. JUST PICK ONE AND STICK WITH IT! And if I go for the whole month it'll take up more of my wasted time! Except she doesn't want to be away from me...but you obviously don't like having me around anymore!

Once upon a time, my mom was my favorite person in the whole world. I didn't want to be like her, I wanted to be her! Now, I can't even get along with her. She hates me. I swear she does. I just want her to love me and for us to get along like we used to, but its freaking impossible. We're different people, living different lives. Fuck it, we're strangers...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Today, I went to the movies with my brother, Jack, and friend, Alicia. (We went to see TMNT, which was actually pretty, thats not the amazing part.) ANYWAY, we walked around the mall for quite awhile afterward and encountered many people. Then, I came home, showered, and went to the bookstore to meet with my weekly group of friends (we call ourselves a philosophy group.)

The point of that little introduction is to make all readers aware of the fact that I saw many people today. Surprisingly, I loved all of them. That sounds absurd, I know. But for some reason, unbeknown to me, "people" were having a good day. Its almost as if I learned or benefited in some way from every single encounter I had today. People truly amazed me today.

And this is just to further prove a little debate I had going before(and because I love this quote):

"But regardless of what weapons they try to use to effect silence, words will always retain their power. Words are the means to meaning, and for some, the annunciation of truth."
V for Vendetta