Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A bedtime story...

So I was talking to a friend who requested a bedtime story. The guidelines were simple. It had to involve the consumption of glue. I kind of liked what I came up with and wanted to put it someplace I wouldn't lose it. So I'll display it here for all the world to see! (Please keep in mind that it is a rough, informal draft that was really only intended as a joke and sent via AIM. ...There aren't even paragraphs! lol)

Lily awoke to the sound of someone crying. Though she was merely five, she was brave and ventured off to her mommys room in spite of any monsters that could be curiously lurking in the dark. "Mama?" She whispered. In response all she heard was the gentle snoring of her mother. Befuddled by what she thought she heard, she sleepily sauntered back to her room. Just as she was about to crawl into her big girl bed, she heard it again. She glared around the room, but saw no one. Even the bold Lilly was becoming frightened. Tap, tap! The sound came from her window, but when she went over to check, no one was there. She opened the window and cried out, "helloooo?" There was silence for a moment and then, "It appears a star is broken." Lily could not see the speaker and was just about to run to her mother when she heard the voice again, " I didn't mean to frighten you. See, the star is wayyyyyy up in the sky and asked me to ask you for help." Lily stared out the window. "But you're a tree!" She said, "And trees dont talk!" The tree was offended. "Little girl, not only do we talk but we compose music, write poetry! We are a most sophisticated lot!" Lily did not know what sophisticated meant, but she did know what music and poetry were, and she was rather certain she had never read a poem written by a tree. "Trees dont write poems!" "Oh they dont?" The tree snarled, "Ahem! 'I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree!' Who, but a tree, would write such a thing, hm?" "Oh," Lily said. She went on, "what's wrong with the star?" The tree remembering why he got the girls attention in the first place said, "Oh yes! I nearly forgot. You see there is a star up in the sky--right over there--she's broken a point and needs help fixing it. You dont suppose you could help?" Lily pondered deeply. What could she possibly do? "I know!" She exclaimed, "I'll be right back! Dont you move a....twig." Moments later Lily returned with a bottle of Elmers glitter glue she had used on a project for Kindergarten. "Will you lift me up to the sky, Mr. Maple?" The tree outstretched his long branches into the girls window and she cautiously climbed on. In no time, the tree lifted Lily up through the sky all the way to the still sobbing star. "He--llo" Lily said timidly. Afterall, she had never spoken to a star. "Will you help me?" was the stars only response. "Oh of course! Now open wide. I've got some medicine for you." The star obeyed and opened its mouth and let Lily pour in the glue. She then wiggled the star around until its point went back into place. "Better?" she asked. The star was over-joyed. "Oh yes, much better!" With that, the star leaned in and kissed little Lily. "You looked out for me and now I'll always look after you." The tree brought back little Lily to her room, where she dose off into a sound sleep.
As the years went by she soon forgot that night, but whenever she stared out her window there was always one star, shining brighter and more perfectly than the rest right above her.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Foreign (ugly) feelings

I have so many thoughts I want to write down, but not sure I can post them. Typically, I'd type away and thoughtlessly post. However, something, for some reason or another, is stopping me. I only hope that this isnt a sign that I'm growing up. If this is a sign--if my attaining some sort of fear of what people think is a sign--than I dont want to grow up. I'd much rather be a child, willing to lend myself to the world, not caring if I am accepted or rejected.
Today I feel uncertain of myself. This isnt something I typically feel. I dont like it one bit and hope this foreign feeling isnt here to stay.

**update later on**
It was only a moment. In fact, in the end I wound up feeling better than I did to start with. Isnt life strange sometimes?