Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bit 'o bullshit; Bit 'o dilemma

This is for Kristina Esopo!!!! =D ('cause she's my only reader.)

So I'm writing a short story in Creative Writing and I'm absolutely in love with it so far. I think when its done, I'll post it on here.

(almost)48 days 'til I leave for New Zealand!

So, I'm very annoyed by my most recent English assignment. Its based on Henry 4th part 1. We have to write what hinders us from "becoming" us. The problem is, is that I've done this so many times before. Now that should make it easy, n'est-ce pas? Nope! A few years ago I started doing self-evaluations. I have entire notebooks full of them! And whatever I didn't like, I would change. Now, I'm so content with who I am. Even my faults, I love. Any faults I'm left with....well....I wouldn't change them for the world. (Even if they do get me in trouble sometimes. e.g. my inability to keep my mouth shut) THIS IS ME! I cant be much more me, then this! ...I have nothing to write about. =/

Resolution yet to come!!!

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