Saturday, September 15, 2007

A greener means of happiness
So this isnt exactly, "tomorrow" but I forgot. So, here's "tomorrows" rant...

I hate pot. Actually, no this isnt true. Pot is alright. I hate amazing people who arent okay with being themselves. I hate strong people who choose to be weak. I hate when people choose feeling comfortable with drugs rather than feeling comfortable with friends. I hate crying over a friendship I'm not sure is going to last. ....I hate crying over you.

I miss you. You're one of my best friends. Usually, you make me feel safe and intelligent; Important and capable. But, at the moment, you just make me feel bad. I feel bad because I pretended to be okay with it. And I feel bad because afterwards I ignored you and then I yelled at you. But mostly I feel bad because we're not together. The three of us, the Creamy Council...we're not together. You and I are not together because drugs stand in the way. You and her arent together for the same reason.The other one and myself are not together because we just had a fight over how to deal with you. ...We've never had a fight before. Please please please realize that drugs dont just fuck you up. They fuck everything and everybody up. ....I miss you.

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