Sunday, November 9, 2008

Foreign (ugly) feelings

I have so many thoughts I want to write down, but not sure I can post them. Typically, I'd type away and thoughtlessly post. However, something, for some reason or another, is stopping me. I only hope that this isnt a sign that I'm growing up. If this is a sign--if my attaining some sort of fear of what people think is a sign--than I dont want to grow up. I'd much rather be a child, willing to lend myself to the world, not caring if I am accepted or rejected.
Today I feel uncertain of myself. This isnt something I typically feel. I dont like it one bit and hope this foreign feeling isnt here to stay.

**update later on**
It was only a moment. In fact, in the end I wound up feeling better than I did to start with. Isnt life strange sometimes?

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