Saturday, December 6, 2008

Best foot forward

This weekend has been pretty awful. At one point, I escaped from my house in attempt to find some peaceful solitude. I was going to write, but decided I didnt want to taint my notebook with negativity. So instead, I just sat by the creek and cried. I felt much better afterwards, but then I had to go home. That was a mistake. *sigh* I never thought I would look forward to a Monday! Nevertheless, I can't wait...
There is no point in this ramble today other than I just wanted to type something. I could explain away my weekend, but I've been trying not to reflect too hard on all that...badness. I know who I am. Thats good enough for me. So, best foot forward!

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Walk in the Woods said...

With the time that has passed since this post, I trust you are in (or on your way to) a better place?