Sunday, November 11, 2007

Abandon all hope, ye who enter in

Well, you should never abandon hope, even when you're feeling abandoned. Yes, that is how I feel. Abandoned.

I miss you-both of you. Do you miss me too? Or are you too preoccupied with your new sources of entertainment?
Do they ease the pain of being you? I know being you isnt easy, but I always thought that was the reason why we were friends. But I guess its easier to hide from something all together than it is to face it, even if you have friends to help you. Unfortunately, I dont believe in the easy way out. But if I did, I'd join you--I guess. Well, I know thats the reason for one abandonment, but whats the other?
Boredom? Could it really be that selfish? 6 years of friendship, of the most honest sort, and you're bored? Well, I know you very well. And unfortunately, I know this is probably the truth. Its just boredom.

Well neither of you will ever read this, I have faith in that, so I have no problem saying this. You told me it was okay to be me. 6 years ago one of you told me it was okay to be me. And then a year ago, the other reassured that and gave me a purpose. Well, now that you're gone I'm left with a lot of people who dont appreciate me being me. And I cant help but think that if I knew I'd be abandoned...I would have taken the blue pill. Now I know this isnt true. I'd never give this up, but its lonely and its hard and I wish you two would just...I dont even know. Stop? But whats to stop? Your distractions? Well, your happy with your distractions so it would be selfish of me to pull you away. I dont know--I just miss you.

.Broken Record Ended.

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