Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"How I wish you were here"

This is probably the worst poem I've ever written.

Disclaimer: This poem is about as emo as I get. I apologize, truly. Also, I was listening to Pink Floyd [for reasons obvious to me..and no, not you Kristina] and this work is a DIRECT RESULT of "Hey You".

Where are you?
Walking down this road
you were with me,
but now you are gone.
You found an escape route
now you are out
and here I am alone.

Where are you?
I loved your faces
but now they are tainted
and I find no solace
in the visage of others.
You're trying to leave,
but dont you see?
You're just leaving me alone.

Where are you?
If you wont return
then I'll move on.
I'll find comfort with no face
He's got to be here somewhere
on these wintered streets.
Go on now, pack your bags.
Leave me with these rags.
I wont always be alone.

Where are you?
I'm just curious now.
Turns out the faceless
just don't compare.
I bet you're nowhere near
but 'how I wish you were here."
(Just seems to be)
I'm always alone without you.

**Oct. 27th, 2008 --> I'm reading through old posts. This poem is awful. It was something I needed to write and there are about 70 different versions. When I finally finished the last version, months after this one, I felt better.**

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