Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Not an Educator; A Teacher

Yesterday, I had a wonderful day and a terrible night.
Today, I had a terrible day and a wonderful night.

While yesterday was probably the more "fun filled" day, I learned nothing, except that which I already knew. Today, I learned a lot. I learned to have patience with people; Especially the people you love. A very wise man told me that you only have so many emotions to give. When a person is overwhelmed they frequently give more emotion towards certain people hoping to alleviate the problem and to just have patience because right now, you may not need that persons emotions as much as someone else might.

Then, a very wise woman taught me the art of perseverance. She was right; I am not a quitter. I've never believed in giving up, why should I now? Just because something becomes difficult doesn't mean I have to abandon it. It means I have to work even harder. Albeit, I do not know the greatness of the external award, but the internal award would be enough. Knowing that I made this extraordinary woman proud of me, would be more than enough.

Finally, I learned that a lot of people suck. A LOT! But if you look hard enough there are ALWAYS a few people who will stand out amongst the crowd. They will do good in the world, and teach you many things if you're only open to their teachings.

"A master can tell you what he expects of you.
A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations."

Patricia Neal

C.G. & M.C.
Thank you

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Jackie said...

this was the most entertain and yet inspiring blog entry ive ever read.

That woman is right, lisa. you never give up, and youre too good to let something get in the way of you getting what is right and what you want just because its a little difficult. youre stronger than that and smarter. and youre more... LISA than that! i mean, come on!

i almost have the urge to go out and do something that seems undoable. like.. fly. [no, i promise i wont like get wasted, make paper-mache wings and jump off my roof... ha. thats a funny thought though.] but you get what i mean.