Monday, March 26, 2007

Truth by Advertisement

So, here's something real. (Finally)

How do trends such as "preppy" or "emo" get started? Advertisement, right? A band with a whiny lead singer become popular and next thing you know people are wearing jeans that are too small and cutting themselves. Well, emo was a great profit maker. However, when they realized that their consumers were killing themselves they knew they needed something knew. Thus, Hollister came out with the Live Your Life dealy. Now, you needn't be a scholar to know that this is a much safer trend. Not to mention it will get people to see the meaning of life and enjoy it more...right? Nope! Guess again! Its only a trend, nothing more. And no matter how many t-shirts, bags, or accessories you have that say Life Your Life that does not mean you are going to actually go out and do it. However, it does still get the message out there and brings down the suicide ratings. So my question for everyone is...

Is it okay to give someone the truth in a fake way?

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