Monday, March 26, 2007

Old to New

I have this friend. The day we met we became instant best friends. He was my favorite person in the whole world, and I his. *time goes by* and we go out(STUPID MISTAKE!). We break up, hate each other, are best friends again, then hate each other again. Complicated? A bit. Keep up. So anyway, we're on speaking terms and have been for awhile. We've been trying to rekindle our friendship with little success. But tonight I told him about how annoying it was that I could not trust him and I had something to tell him. We spent about twenty minutes trying to come up with a solution. (Yes, we are both very stubborn) I said that I am not very good at just letting things happen, because I am afraid that if I do not make it happen, it wont. He only responded, "just let it". So I did. I am usually someone who trusts everyone, but due to past experiences, I found it difficult to trust him. But I put that aside, and told him what I was going to tell him.

I am not disappointed. In fact, just the opposite. I feel almost elated. Its that hopeful cliffhanger at the end of a story. Its not saying that everything is okay. It is only saying that it will be...

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Jackie said...

I really like this post lisa. ive been thinking a lot lately and ive had some conversations with a friend that is based on the last thing you said there. that not everything is okay, but it will be. youre so right! its kind of like that quote "in the end, everything will be okay. if its not, then its not the end" ya know?

makes me feel ready to face anything. <3