Sunday, June 24, 2007

Banter of No Importance

UPDATE- 15 days 'til I leave for New Zealand.

So. Schools out. I miss it. I hate not being in a learning environment. But I suppose in 15 days it wont matter much. I mean the entire point to this venture is to learn, ne-cest pas?

Confession: Now that its getting closer, I'm begining to have those stupid last minute doubts. What if something goes wrong? What if its boring? What if my dad is right and I really WILL miss him and everyone else? (<- This one is pointless to think because its NOT going to happen! Except mommy and Jack. I'll miss them terribly.) I'm certainly not regretting the trip or even considering not going or anything of the sort!!!! But, I'm just getting nervous. Its expected, I suppose. Banter: I'm in the mood to think, but I'm mildly brain dead at the moment. Like, I sat down to write and I'm feeling empty. Don't you HATE that? As a rule, my mind is working so fast I can not keep up! I usually lose whatever it was I was thinking about before ever getting a chance to truly grok it, but now I'm just..empty. No thoughts. No poetry. No life.

Clearly, I have gotten lost in the dull-droms(sp?) somewhere. Thus, this entire post can be summed up in one syllable... "ick" Okay, this is irritating me now. I'm going to dream...I'm going to be inspired. Oh--a thought! Why dreams are important:

.....I think dreams are like gasoline. We need them. They are what keep our minds running--like cars. People who coast around on an empty tank do just that; Only coast. It is the dreamers who ride down the autobahn.

Contemplate later when mind decides to function.

OH! and...I MISS GOZICK!!!!

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