Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Follow Up

So I was reading my blogs and I noticed I never put up my solution for my English paper (as written in "Bit o' Bullshit, Bit o' Dilemma")

My solution?
Well...I went to Mr. Gozick saying I didnt know what to write about, because I was happy with who I was. So, he said, "then write I am perfect on a sheet of paper and hand it in"Now, I would have done this, except "perfect" is one of those funny conceptual words. Most people hear perfect and picture Eden. But, I believe that "perfect" means being happy with the bad. So I essentially wrote my essay on the meaning of perfection and concluded with.... "So yes, Mr Gozick....I am perfect"

It made me smile. ...He never said what he thought of it, mostly because I'm almost certain he hasnt read them yet. (Forgive him, he's deep and beautiful..we cant expect him to be a quick grader too!) Someone remind me to ask him about them on Monday.

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